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The CognitiveWeb is a human-centric web architecture comprised of semantic markup and fuzzy logics designed to support collaborative decision-making, critical thinking and conflict resolution processes. The goal of the CognitiveWeb is to extend human decision horizons by compensating for some intrinsic aspects of selective attention.

The key issues for the CognitiveWeb are:

  1. Externalities
  2. Decision-horizons
  3. Focus of Attention
  4. Enlightened Self-Interest
The Mission
    The site is devoted to the advancement, promulgation, and realization of the CognitiveWeb through standards activities, technology prototypes, and building capacity in coordination with civil society, governments, and business.
Community Discussion
    There is a CognitiveWebWiki for open, public discussion of issues related to the CognitiveWeb effort.  
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Bryan Thompson

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