Implications for society and economy
The following potential applications are illustrative of those that we foresee.


Scientific research.
By making explicit the argument relationships within and among mental models in the physical and social sciences, the CognitiveWeb will improve the comprehensibility of existing scientific research, and thus motivate critical evaluation of existing work and the creation of new work.



Funding and policy.
The same means that serve the advancement of science can also further the management and justification of scientific funding, and facilitate, or even propel, technology transfer from research to industry.



Education and training.
The CognitiveWeb will directly and simultaneously foster the development of critical thinking skills, communication skills, and domain knowledge. The CognitiveWeb will provide a vehicle for the critical review of ideas and the development of thought and planning at all scales



Intellectual history.
The CognitiveWeb will preserve a historical record — a structured trace — of the development of ideas, policies, and social systems. By using the CognitiveWeb, historians and researchers would be able to identify arguments that supported, and were supported by, the falsified theories, and to identify surprising corollaries of discoveries and cross-domain similarities between of advances.



Corporate intranets.
Corporate planning requires sensitivity to the market and internal resources. Using the proposed approach, corporations will be able to explicitly represent and monitor relationships between goals, policies, plans, actions, and outcomes throughout the company


Civil Society.
Sustainable agriculture and rural development (SARD)
Civil Society led participation in governmental and intergovernmental process.
Issue-based outreach and education and coordinating local action with global planning for NGOs.
    National Intelligence.
The technologies underlying the CognitiveWeb are closely related to technologies of concern to intelligence analysts. The CognitiveWeb supports critical thinking about the meaning of evidence, as well as a means for analysts to reason about the uncertainty in their conclusions and the risk inherent in a situation.